Massachusetts Plumber: Dave McDonald, the owner of American Plumbing & Heating. Worcester County, Blackstone Valley and Metrowest Massachusetts areas. We have over 30 years experience and can solve any plumbing problem you have. Bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, heating systems and more. Serving these towns: Manchaug, Douglas, Sutton, Oxford, Northbridge, Webster, Auburn, Charlton, Millbury, Mendon, Milford, and other areas.

We're available for emergencies
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American Plumbing & Heating (508) 476-7387


Dave McDonald, American Plumbing & Heating has been serving the Worcester County, Blackstone Valley and Metrowest Massachusetts areas for over 30 years. We're fully licensed & insured and comply with all plumbing regulations.

Experienced We have over 30 years experience. Your problems are important to us. When you call, we come right away.


We're very skilled at solving even the most complex plumbing problems.


Massachusetts Plumbers Lic. #21216


  We carry a minimum of $1 Million liability insurance for all jobs.


We arrive when we say we will, we do good work and we clean up when we're done.


We do shower installations

We can work closely with your contractor, to make sure your fixtures are installed correctly - even during a remodel or new construction. Here you see us installing a 1-piece shower during a recent home addition.


Limited space installations are no problem for us

This photo shows the underneath plumbing of the shower, sink & bath for the photo to the left. We can handle limited-space installs.


We can get your new bathroom installed

Here we see the bathroom shower after most of the work is done. We did the shower, sink, toilet, vanity, all piping and the high-capacity baseboard heating (oil fired hot-water) in this room.

ADA compliant handicapped accessible toilet

This is a handicap accessible, ADA compliant, comfort seat toilet with improved flow water-saving flush cycle. Saves water and is easier to use. Saves water, more comfortable and easier to use .


We work with your contractor for new construction

Our methods of careful planning allow us to deliver plumbing solutions on-time and affordably. Here you see as we begin to install a laundry room .


We can install washers and dryers

Here you see some of the laundry room plumbing as it approaches completion - after the contractor has installed the drywall.


A well organized laundry room is easy to use

Here's the completed laundry room, fully installed with a utility sink - conveniently oriented for easy access.


A washing machine cut-off valve protects your home

Here's a nice solution we added to a pre-existing situation: We added a water cut-off valve and stainless braided hoses to control water and prevent leaks from a busted hose.


We can install a complete baseboard heating system for you

Because we do plumbing and heating, we can handle everything from soup to nuts. Here you see a new installation of a baseboard hot-water heating system.


Your situation might require an advanced solution - we can make it work right

This photo shows a solution we engineered for a homeowner's new addition. As you can see, we insulated the heat pipes, return pipes, hot water and cold water pipes with an adapted system for maximum thermal retention.


We have many years experience plumbing the pipes for heating systems

If you need to install a new boiler, we can do it for you, or we can work closely with your oil delivery company to assure everything gets done to your satisfaction. Here's a boiler which we helped install in a limited space area.


No matter how complicated your situation is - we can fix it

Here we see a complicated plumbing area in a basement behind a laundry station. We got right in there, rolled up our sleeves and fixed everything the same day. We can solve any plumbing problem you have.

American Plumbing & Heating - License #21216
309 Manchaug Road
Manchaug, MA 01526

Dave McDonald - (508) 476-7387

American Plumbing & Heating, Massachusetts Plumber. Sutton (Manchaug) & local areas.

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